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Cycling like a pro

We keep on making research, so you always wear unique garments.

The bike line HEY products are designed and manufactured with great care, selecting the best materials and fabrics.

Mountain bike, road bike, gravel, enduro, cyclocross or cycle touring: whatever your bike is or the way you experience it, we guarantee you the highest quality of materials, thanks to the collaboration between our technicians with cycling professionals.

The HEY BIKE PRO collection is reserved for cycling teams and cannot be found in stores. This choice is determined by the desire to devote all our energy to the pro category, for a dedicated and tailor made service.

Technical features


Shirts, shorts and bottoms are made with hypoallergenic and composite fabrics, to ensure maximum transpiration and elasticity, adapting to the body to guarantee great freedom of movement.


Being aerodynamic on a bike is simply essential, as it is being protected from UV rays. Our garments perfectly blend aerodynamics and protection: from UV rays during the hottest months, and from the cold during autumn and winter.


The HEY BIKE PRO line, in addition to ensure top-level performance for your team, has been designed with a special attention in respecting the environment. Because it feels so much better to enjoy pedaling in nature when you are actually respecting it.


Anatomically shaped pads for male female anatomy, with a central channel that guarantees excellent shock absorption.


Authentically Made in Italy

Our company is all made in Italy. It was born in Piedmont, at the confluence of the Alpine valleys that have marked the history of Italian skiing in recent years: the Upper Chisone Valley and the Susa Valley.

As a small artisan company, we have managed over the years to gain the trust of ski and cycling professionals and we have grown keeping customised production at the centre of our output. Our guiding principle, from when we started, has always been our passion for sport and performance.

The dedication and commitment are also part of our philosophy and our way of working. And above all, we share them with our customers, who are at the heart of our activity.


The HEY world, on two wheels


Italians ride better…on bikes. We were born in the ski world, but we put the same passion and experience at the service of two wheels: the HEY Bike line is synonymous with Italian style and quality.


With HEY Bike you ride your bike… like a pro! Our clothing will accompany you in your passion. And if you are in an amateur team we will be able to customize your uniform!


The perfect solution for the best performance with cool design and a little bit more: this is how we keep clear our mantra and brand mission and how form and substance complete each other into our products.


Starting from people to achieve excellence


Every day, we act by trying to do what is most correct, not what is easier


Care in what we do and care for people. We see the world around us as a place to share.


We want to surprise you. We have enthusiasm, speed of execution and all the tools to do it.


We listen to others and are curious to learn. We believe in the power to build something together.


Style and innovation

Style and innovation are two essential elements of our brand. Like form and substance, they complement each other and evolve hand in hand in a constant effort to improve. They are the two sides of the same coin. Our coin.

When Italian design meets attention to detail and the most innovative technical solutions, it is impossible not to stand out.

Style: an unmistakable character

Style is personality, character. It expresses the desire to leave a mark, to show the world who we really are through a very clear statement. It makes us uniquely recognisable.

HEY garments represent the discerning combination of a strong character with typically Italian elegance.

Innovation: the details that make the difference

Detail and technical research are the keywords for the creation of our products.

An approach enhanced by ongoing collaboration with sports professionals, to offer a result of the highest level that ensures maximum comfort and maximum performance.


HEY Bike

We see no difference between you and a pro cyclist (maybe just the rides per minute on an 18% slope).

HEY Bike was born for this: you can have fun, fully living your passion and letting your talent explode on your bike, thanks to a very high level technical clothing.

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Your team, with an edge

With HEY BIKE PRO you will be able to show the passion and talent, yours and your team, distinguishing yourself from the others for style and performance with unique clothing that will give your team ... an edge.

Our HEY BIKE PRO collection was born from the experience on two wheels of a team of experts, professional cyclists and former professionals. This experience allows us to make each garment with great accuracy, satisfying all the needs to achieve high-level performance.

The password is STAND OUT, stand out. We are ready to best satisfy the wishes of your team, receiving your proposals and developing ad hoc customizations!

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Proud to have been chosen by professional cyclists and authoritative teams.