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For those who live the passion of skiing

With HEY, you can have fun, give free rein to your passion for skiing and stand out from the crowd thanks to an impeccable, unique look. A brand born for mountain professionals that you too can now possess.

Authentic Italian style, modern solutions, unique design: essential elements of our brand. Like form and substance, they complement each other and evolve hand in hand in a constant effort to improve. They are the two sides of the same coin. Our coin.

When Italian design meets attention to detail and the most innovative technical solutions, there’s no way it won’t be noticed.

We were born in the Olympic mountains of the Italian Northwest, but our goal is the world. That's why the names of our models are inspired by the great American ski resorts. A Glocal spirit, global and local, that is born with firm roots in its own territory, but whose aim is to reach beyond its borders with the sky as its only limit and the inner planet as its home.

The watchword is STAND OUT. Always.


Design and functionality at the highest levels

To offer skiwear that is always unique, our research is ongoing. HEY outfits are designed and produced with meticulous attention to both style and quality. The contribution of the great snow experts makes it possible to create competition and leisure time garments that are distinguished by their refined design and innovative technical solutions.

The fit is designed to suit the needs of the technical action, permitting movements that are always fluid.

We select our partners and materials with care so as to obtain a product of the highest quality and guarantee the best performance.

Elegance is also important. The Italian provenance of our product is evident in the careful selection of graphics and colours, giving an authentically emotional result. Because ski professionals must show a vigorously professional image, but above all they must stand out, always.


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Historical realities, authoritative schools, national instructors who have trained the best skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.