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Watchword: STAND OUT!

With HEY, you can have fun, let your passion and talent explode and stand out from the rest for style and mobility with an impeccable and unique look!

Our HEY PRO collection, designed for ski instructors and athletes, is the work of a team of experts and sports lovers and thanks to this ability to look at problems from the athletes' perspective, it is made with great attention to detail and meets all needs related to the achievement of high level performances.

The watchword is STAND OUT. And to best meet your desires, our team of experts is ready to receive and develop any proposals or customisation ideas you might have.

The HEY PRO collection is reserved for ski schools and ski clubs and cannot be found in stores. This important decision was determined by the desire to devote all our energies to this sector and above all to ensure dedicated service all year round.

Technical features


Thanks to the use of certified membranes and accessories, we guarantee for our garments a waterproofness of 20,000 columns of water. The fabrics are also treated externally with a water repellent drip finish.


For maximum comfort during sports, our products offer a breathability of 10,000 g, obtained thanks to the use of certified polyurethane membranes and thermoregulating linings. The fabrics, accessories and processes used offer windproof properties.


We select the best padding for snow activities, offering warm garments and different weights according to the needs of use.

Quality and partners

Hey's high quality technical garments are the result of the meticulous selection of partners for materials and workmanship

Tissues and membranes




Stitching and trim are thermotaped and tested for top performance. Waterproofing and safety guaranteed!

Discover the HEY pro collection



For those of you who love to stand out, who are committed to giving your best. For those of you who are looking for a ski outfit that reflects your personality.

The creation of your outfit will be constantly monitored, from its design to the delivery of the finished product. You can customise colours, materials and finishes. Fitting after fitting, our professionals will look after every detail, in the search for the best technical solutions. We will work together till the fit is impeccable, always guaranteeing top performance and maximum comfort. An outfit with character, high quality and unique design.

maschera tailor made


Instructions for washing and caring for your ski suit

To make sure the quality and technical properties of the materials last well, the garments have to be treated with care, especially where washing them is concerned. Here we explain how to do this and what to pay attention to.

  • Wash jacket and trousers separately in the washing machine at 30°C using neutral detergents.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove residues of detergent.
  • If necessary, repeat an additional rinse only cycle.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Hang clothes to dry in the shade, away from heat sources (radiators, hot air, direct sunlight). If there is one, remove or lift the hood from the back of the jacket.
  • Do not use fabric softeners or detergents containing them.
  • In order to restore the water repellent, iron the garment when dry without steam, with an iron at low temperature and a press cloth.
  • Do not rub on the fabric to remove stubborn stains.
  • To remove them, pour a tiny amount of detergent on the stain before washing in the washing machine.
  • Do not leave your jacket and/or trousers wet or damp in closed and unventilated places (bags, wardrobes, car boot, inside the washing machine...).
  • Fasten zips and buttons and cover Velcro before washing.
  • If the water repellent is no longer sufficiently effective, it is advisable to reactivate it using the specific products available on the market.
  • The dirt that accumulates on the surface of the fabric (oils and greases, dust, stains of various kinds) can reduce the garment’s protective capacity, so it is advisable to always keep the jacket clean and in good condition so as to maintain performance for as long as possible.

Are you a school or a ski club?


Proud to have been chosen by the best schools and ski clubs in Italy and Europe.

Historical realities, authoritative schools, national instructors who have trained the best skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.